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Plants and projects

In all organizations the professional experience of technicians and technological level of projects in CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect are developed by wide experience in designing of such large plants, as: Orsko-Khalilovsk metallurgical complex, Oskol metallurgical works, Izhora factory, Taganrog, Krasnyi-Sulin, Belaya Kalitva and many other metallurgical works of the former Soviet Union as well as 17 foreign metallurgical works in 12 countries of Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Cuba.

Basic works recently executed with allowance for modern level of development of engineering and techniques:

  • Taganrog metallurgical works. Pipe-rolling mill PQF with high efficiency rolling of high-quality steel pipes.
  • Taganrog metallurgical works. Electric arc furnace DSP-150 with construction of factory substation 220/35kV, 220kV overhead and cable power transmission lines with reconstruction of 200kV outdoor switchgear of two regional substations.
  • Taganrog metallurgical works. Ladle furnace for first quality steel casting with installation of continuous casting machine with reconstruction of plant substation 110/35/6kV.
  • Casting-and-rolling shop in town Yartsevo. Construction of electric arc ladle furnace and small-section rolling mill. Electrical part.
  • Caspian pipeline consortium and Chernomortransneft oil pipeline, construction of 10kV along-the-route power transmission lines and substation 110/35/10/0.4kV.
  • OJSC Novoroscement. Retrofitting of rotary furnaces 1-4 of cement factory Oktyabr. Emergency power supply of separate power consumers with cjnstruction of diesel power generating plant of cement factories Proletariy and Oktyabr.
  • Plants of Moscow United Power Grid Company
  • cable line-110 kV Ugresha-Saburovo
  • cable line-110 kV CHP-20-Cheryomushki 1, 2
  • cable line-220 kV CHP-21 N.Bratsevo, 1, 2
  • cable line-220 kV CHP-23-Krasnoselskaya
  • cable line-220 kV YuzhnayaAvtozavodskaya 1,2
  • On subcontract for CJSC Setsnroy and other organizations.
  • Reconstruction of 220 kV overhead transmission line of CHP-23-Sviblovo 1, 2
  • Reconstruction of substation PS-157 Gorenki. Substation PS220/110/10kV with installation of 3 auto-type transformers, each capacity of 200mV, as well as 110-220kV cable and overhead power transmission lines between substations.
  • Reconstruction of high-voltage power supply of steel industry of steel plant STAKS (Krasnyi Sulin).
  • Substation 220/35/10kV of Abinsk electrometallurgical works with realization of designer supervision.
  • The objects which were executed for Federal Grid Company:
  • Complex reconstruction and technical upgrading of substation PS-220kV of Novocherkassk Works named after Budyonniy
  • The objects which were executed for interregional grid companies:
  • for Kubanenergo:
  • Reconstruction of overhead line-110kV Vostochnaya-Penayskaya, overhead line-110kV Vostochnaya-Proletariy
  • Reconstruction of substation 110/35/10 kV Djemete
  • for Volgogradenergo:
  • Reconstruction of overhead line 110kV 11, 12 in span between supports 1 - 48
  • Reconstruction of overhead line 110kV 3446 Lemeshkino-Zhirnovskaya
  • 110kV entries, branching 2 to substation 220/110/35/6 kV Sadovaya
  • Reconstruction of overhead line 35kV Elshanskaya 2.