Rostovskiy Tyazhpromelectroproect


Russia, 344091

Address: 9a, Kashirskaya street, Rostov-on-Don.

Phone: +7 (863) 297-15-40 Fax: +7 (863) 297-15-50


  ISO 9001:2008


CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect was established in 2003 by employees of the Rostov branch of OJSC VNIPI Tyazhpromelectroproect.

The newly organized enterprise was completed with engineering and technical personnel, office equipment, library and archive.

In 2006 one more enterprise - Limited company TyazhpromelectroproectRostov-on-Don was established on the basis OJSC VNIPI Tyazhpromelectroproect.

CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect, the Rostov branch of OJSC VNIPI Tyazhpromelectroproect and the Limited Company TyazhpromelectroproectRostov-on-Don offer their services in designing of electrical part of plants of all branches of industry on following sections:

For execution of all said operations the competency certificates of self-regulated organizations For work order authorization on execution of design and survey works which exercise influence upon safety of capital construction projects are obtained.

The certificate 7510070192 TUV Rheinland Inter Cert confirms that the holder of the certificate the CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect has implemented and successfully applies the Quality Management System conforming the requirements of the international standard of quality ISO 9001-2008.

The certificate
ISO 9001:2008

The diploma For the best innovative decisions on Autodesk platform is given to CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect by group of companies C Soft Rostov-on-Don.

The diploma

Federal services on intellectual property, patent and trade-marks of Russian Federation confirms by the trademark certificate 279844 that the legal owner of this sign is the CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect and its title to the products marked by this trademark are protected by the Russian legislation.

The trademark

The certificate certifying that CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect is the authorized user of Autodesk software.

The certificate

The certificate is issued by self-regulated of Noncommercial partnership Inter-regional association of design organizations of special construction the member which one is the CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect

The certificate
of Noncommercial

The license of management of Federal Security Service of Russia in Rostov District 2539 is indicative of work permit for the CJSC Rostovskiy-Tyazhpromelectroproect to execute the design and survey works with usage of the information classified as state secret.


The enterprises are completely equipped with computer equipment, licensed software and copying-duplicating equipment on the basis of powerful multifunction devices.

At development of the design documentation alongside with modern methods of computer-assisted design the 56-year experience of institute OJSC VNIPI Tyazhpromelectroproect is used in development of the projects of electrical part of the plant and separate electric installations of different industries in our country and abroad.

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